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Status Needs review
Categories InterSystems IRIS
Created by Steve Pisani
Created on Jun 5, 2024

Open-sourcing Gen-AI based solution or framework for service support.

Analysing the incoming service or incident requests from the field, against previously logged and resolved cases is a great tool for support staff. There are many tools here, mostly looking for key words in text - however, leveraging Large Langauge Models, and a RAG framework could improve this a lot.
An advisor could theoretically be provided with anything from a solution to the problem, to steps to reproduce or questions to ask of the customer.

I know that Internally - InterSystems may be working such a product to further improve the WRC experience.

My Idea - which I am submitting here is to make such a tool open-source, or, developed as a template or framework in a way that all InterSystems Partners would benefit and use with their own help desks - after all - InterSystems Partners run their own service and support facilities for their end users and would also benefit from this functionality.

    Jun 5, 2024

    Thank you for submitting the idea. The status has been changed to "Needs review".

    Stay tuned!