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InterSystems Ideas
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Generative AI

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Supporting Natural Language to SQL Generation in InterSystems Vector Search

Why is it Useful Natural language to SQL (NL2SQL) generation allows users to interact with databases using plain language, which significantly enhances accessibility and usability. Here are some key reasons why this capability is useful: Ease of U...
Crystal Cheong about 1 month ago in Generative AI 1 Will not implement

Create a celery for InterSystems

Celery is delicious
Mike Cromwell 7 months ago in Generative AI 2 Will not implement

AI-Driven GreenIRIS: Optimization and Sustainability in InterSystems IRIS Solutions through Artificial Intelligence

Summary: The "IA-Driven GreenIRIS" proposal aims to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) from OpenAI to the InterSystems IRIS platform to achieve faster, safer and more sustainable solutions. Through the use of AI and machine learning techniques, i...
Yone Moreno 11 months ago in Generative AI 0 Will not implement