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Generative AI

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AI analysis of error logs

AI analysis of server error logs to suggest possible issues/solutions and categorize them to generate a daily report. Github Copilot and similar AI engines can provide useful analysis of errors for popular programming languages, it may just need b...
Jiayan Xiang 7 days ago in Generative AI 0 Needs review

GUI for Vector DB Management

While using InterSystems IRIS as a vector first DB, its harder to keep track on the raw information thats been embedded. Though the easier way is to save plain text info also into the DB, it adds load for the higher volume ones and hinders the per...
Ikram Shah 30 days ago in Generative AI 0 Community Opportunity

Supporting Natural Language to SQL Generation in InterSystems Vector Search

Why is it Useful Natural language to SQL (NL2SQL) generation allows users to interact with databases using plain language, which significantly enhances accessibility and usability. Here are some key reasons why this capability is useful: Ease of U...
Crystal Cheong 27 days ago in Generative AI 1 Will not implement

Train a Large Language Model for a Development AI like GitHub Copilot on ISC

Train an AI coding assistant like GitHub Copilot on Intersystems documentation, class Reference, Community Content and Learning Center content for ObjectScript, CSP, DTL, BPL, rulesets, etc. If it can be done on an existing assistant like Copilot ...
Stefan Cronje 6 months ago in Generative AI 1 Community Opportunity

Sentient - Use the correct email address

Objective If you have a common first name like me, you receive all sorts of email intended for other people. This is a Security and Information Governance blindspot. With Generative AI, it becomes possible to prevent the unintentional spreading of...
Alex Woodhead 8 months ago in Generative AI 1 Community Opportunity

Vector Database Web Gateway offload encoding inbound and generative inference outbound

A scaled deployment of IRIS web application tends to have multiple web servers. These play well to load-balance traffic, providing good utilization on busy applications. Web Servers take over the checking and serving static of content, to let the ...
Alex Woodhead 7 months ago in Generative AI 3 Planned or In Progress

Implement a summary of a patient's medical history using AI

Using AI, create a summary of the patient's medical history to prevent publish this type of information to a external cloud. That information should be retrieve from tables of medical history.
Kurro Lopez 4 months ago in Generative AI 0 Community Opportunity

Integration with LLMs like GPT,llama

Integration with LLMs like GPT,llama
din ba 4 months ago in Generative AI 1 Community Opportunity

add AI to Instance Monitor to prevent major incident

Add an AI trained within a period that does some stats on the instance and server and does a forecast or understand "unusual" load/growth/gloref and warns the customer and support
Pietro Montorfano 4 months ago in Generative AI 0 Community Opportunity

Add support for AI-powered test automation

This idea proposes to add support for AI-powered test automation to the InterSystems IRIS testing framework. This would allow developers to create tests that are more efficient and effective, and that can be used to test a wider range of scenarios...
din ba 10 months ago in Generative AI 2 Community Opportunity