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InterSystems Resources for Developers

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FHIR step by step setup

Reading the FHIR documentation, it seems like it is mostly geared for those that are hosting Repositories within IRIS. It would be nice for those that do not host repositories to have a step by step process to go through in setting up what is nece...
Scott Roth 7 months ago in Learning 0 Planned or In Progress

Add new field in the Community Articles to link them with the official documentation

It would be really usefull to join the articles of the community with the official documentation, you would be able to see real examples directly from the official documentation.
Luis Angel Pérez Ramos 7 months ago in Community 1 Future consideration

Credly badge for VIP into GM

Credly badge for VIP into GM
Yuri Marx 7 months ago in Global Masters 1 Implemented

Tribute banner and interview for GM million pointers

Create tribute banner and an special interview for those who reach million or multiple millions points in GM (Robert with 2 million and Eduard with 1 million)
Yuri Marx 8 months ago in Global Masters 0 Needs review

Code Examples

Hi, as a Developer it is very challenging to troubleshoot a code issues when the documentation provided does not include potential or common error scenarios and examples of code to use to resolve those issues. For other vendors like Microsoft, I a...
Carmelita Resh about 1 year ago in Documentation 0 Future consideration

Full Code Debugger

Hi, as a Developer it is very challenging to troubleshoot full code from beginning to end. We find we have to create test code snippets to use the debugger. Please consider a more robust debugging interface where we can step through each line and ...
Carmelita Resh about 1 year ago in Documentation 1 Already exists

Promote video contest

Promote a contest like tech article contest, but for videos, contest about tech topics with videos showing how to do something using IRIS
Yuri Marx about 1 year ago in Community 1 Future consideration

Implement shopping cart to get multiple prizes from Global Masters at one time

It's a bit annoying to fulfill the address data when you want to get more than one prize from the Global Masters. A shopping cart would be appreciated.
Luis Angel Pérez Ramos about 1 month ago in Global Masters 1 Future consideration

cheat sheets

A recent post on the community gave me this idea. Couldn't we have a dedicated space or application to write cheat sheets? This could make it easy to have a cheat sheet possibly with sniplets. For my part, I am thinking of creating a web app in th...
Pierre LaFay about 2 months ago in Documentation 0 Community Opportunity

Ranking - top 10 - Open Exchange

Create a new section on Open Exchange with top 10 for developers with more apps published and more apps downloaded
Yuri Marx 2 months ago in Open Exchange 1 Already exists