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Binary index implementation

The bitmap index is calculated for each node, so I think it will be used as a line. By capturing this as a plane on the horizontal and vertical axes and converting it into a binary image, if it can be processed like image composition or black and ...
Akio Hashimoto about 2 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 12 Needs review

Add a parameter in Visual Trace to see the message contents in XML or JSON

The user should have the option to see the messages contents in another format than the XML by default.
Sylvain Guilbaud 4 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Needs review

Include support for GraphQL

Almost all our competitors have these feature. It helps to reduce HTTP traffic when used instead of REST services.
Jose Tomas Salvador about 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Done by Community

Add interoperability adapter for AirTables

Add an inbound adapter and BS for AirTable to be able to connect to AirTables account and react on events "new record appeared", "record changed" Add an outbound adapter and BO to be able to connect to AirTable and add a new record in a particular...
Evgeny Shvarov 2 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Community Opportunity

Example of Flask application with SQLAlchemy IRIS

It would be good to have an example of an application made on Python Flask, which works with IRIS through SQLAlchemy
Dmitry Maslennikov 2 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 2 Done by Community

Make JSON representation of messages in Interoperability message viewer instead of XML

it will be much more readable
Evgeny Shvarov over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 4 Done by Community

Create front-end package based on CSS and JS to be used in NodeJS and Angular projects

It would be great to create a specific package with styles and custom html components based on the brand image of the company, like an "ISC bootstrap", so any developer of the community could get it and use it for any development based on NodeJS o...
Luis Angel Pérez Ramos 12 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Community Opportunity

Bare minimum start of IRIS for docker build

During docker build, it's useless to start full functional IRIS, it would be enough to start just bare minimally, do not start the internal web server, ECP, and so on. Just only staff enough to build a code and make some changes in settings.
Dmitry Maslennikov about 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Future consideration

Use of package management systems

There is no way at the moment to install any driver to IRIS for any suppoorted programming language. Java drivers not available on Maven (even, just fake empty files) Python dri...
Dmitry Maslennikov about 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Needs review


LIMIT OFFSET feature is widely used by other databases. And it is a real pain at the moment to achieve something similar on IRIS SQL. Django ORM for instance requires this for pagination, and there is no way to make it some other way
Dmitry Maslennikov about 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Planned or In Progress