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Status Will not implement
Categories Open Exchange
Created by Robert Cemper
Created on Nov 3, 2023

Implement support status for OEX packages


I suggest having 3 visible levels of maintenance for OEX packages
and get a better overview of the actual 850 packages in OEX.

#1) Support guaranteed by ISC
this applies to importantpackages and provides regular review of PR and issues
and necessary adjustments and fixes.

examples: IPM, VScode extensions, some FHIR* support, .....
Decision for this level by ISC, support is organized by ISC

#2) Support by package owner
The owner / creator takes care of PR,Issues, adjustments, bug fixes
over 4 months after the last update.
I think on fresh submitted code.
A special requirement for contests.
I understand this as the default for OEX packages
The owner may also select this level explicitly after the 4 months without any fresh update

#3) No guarantee for support
This is applied after expired level #2.
Typically for old and outdated packages.
e.g extension to Studio, ZENmobile, workaround for old releases, and ...

The owner should be allowed to set this level explicitly
to leave his responsibilities related to Level #2)
without destroying the content.

Packages with Level #3 should be free for anyone to be forked and
adopted and re-published and maintained with level #2 support.

#4) the support level should be selectable in OEX directory search

This ranking should allow us to avoid false expectation
and wasting time by reporting issues that are just ignored
or creating PRs that are never handled.

    Nov 28, 2023

    Thank you for submitting the idea. Based on information from our experts the status of your idea was changed to "Will not implement". Please look for details in the comments on the idea. Good luck!

  • Admin
    Vadim Aniskin
    Nov 28, 2023

    Robert, thank you for your idea.

    It will not be implemented exactly in the way you proposed, but the concept of repository support will be implemented in the future.