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Generative AI

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Generative AI to correct Any Notes in Trakcare

We can use Chat GPT or any Generative AI tools to Correct and reframe the sentence written by the Doctors or Nurses or End users without changing the context. the purpose is to correct any verbal mistakes and reframe the words nicely understandabl...
Sundara Moorthy Jeganathan about 2 months ago in Generative AI 0 Needs review

Sentient - Use the correct email address

Objective If you have a common first name like me, you receive all sorts of email intended for other people. This is a Security and Information Governance blindspot. With Generative AI, it becomes possible to prevent the unintentional spreading of...
Alex Woodhead 6 months ago in Generative AI 1 Needs review

Use AI and voice recognition for e-prescribing in TrakCare

Using Voice Recognition and AI it can be easier and faster to create orders in TrakCare. Voice Recognition can put voice into text, which would be analysed by AI to create the order item to be saved.We can imagine doctors dictate the prescription ...
Jack Huser 2 months ago in Generative AI 0 Needs review

Vector Database Web Gateway offload encoding inbound and generative inference outbound

A scaled deployment of IRIS web application tends to have multiple web servers. These play well to load-balance traffic, providing good utilization on busy applications. Web Servers take over the checking and serving static of content, to let the ...
Alex Woodhead 5 months ago in Generative AI 3 Needs review

Add support for AI-powered test automation

This idea proposes to add support for AI-powered test automation to the InterSystems IRIS testing framework. This would allow developers to create tests that are more efficient and effective, and that can be used to test a wider range of scenarios...
din ba 8 months ago in Generative AI 2 Needs review

Speech Recognition to Prepopulate Incoming Patient Data

By leveraging preexisting speech recognition technology (akin to ones used my other customer representative services), we can set up a similar system where ambulances can call a number to prepopulate patient data so that the hospital can be prepar...
Jayesh Gupta 9 months ago in Generative AI 3 Needs review

Make Data Transformation UI guess about message types automatically

Once the idea about message types will be solved this could be the second phase where the UI can refer to this information and provide proper source and target message classes. Currently developer need to dig into the operation or service implemen...
Evgeny Shvarov 10 months ago in Generative AI 0 Needs review