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Implement autosave for DTL and BPL pages

This is a very recurrent complain from our customers, it's very common that they lose all the design implemented for a DTL/BPL after an automatic web page refresh or a session close. That would be great to have an automatic save where you can get ...
Luis Angel Pérez Ramos 10 months ago in InterSystems Products 5 Planned or In Progress

Run rules chain by using Rule Editor without DTL

We may run the rules chain by using Rule Editor with DTL, which is applicable if regarding protocols-transformation and fields-mapping from sources to targets It is expected to run the rules chain by using Rule Editor without DTL, namely against a...
William Liu 20 days ago in InterSystems IRIS for Health 2 Ideas Contest

AI analysis of error logs

AI analysis of server error logs to suggest possible issues/solutions and categorize them to generate a daily report. Github Copilot and similar AI engines can provide useful analysis of errors for popular programming languages, it may just need b...
Jiayan Xiang about 1 month ago in Generative AI 0 Needs review

Code snippets library

The Studio has a tab where you can add code snippets on your local machine (with a very small amount of code snippets already present). It would be nice to build a library of code snippets on the community site to perform a variety of tasks like u...
Danny Wijnschenk almost 2 years ago in InterSystems IRIS 14 Community Opportunity

ODBC connection to IRIS Cloud SQL to work from PowerBI and Apache Superset

Setting up an ODBC connection to IRIS Cloud SQL so that you can work from PowerBI and Apache Superset. Connection requires certificates, that's why detailed guide is needed.
Vadim Aniskin about 1 month ago in InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL 1 Community Opportunity

Multidimensional vector search

Hope vector search can add high-dimensional vectors, such as certain image feature extraction using three-dimensional arrays
xuanyou du 2 months ago in InterSystems HealthShare 1 Clarification required

Add Python in Business Process Designer as Language option

The current Language option in Business Process Designer screen is dramatically obsolete, Basic language is totally archaic and it smells rancid. Replace Basic for Python would be a new fresh air for the Business Process Designer screen. Remove Ba...
Luis Angel Pérez Ramos 3 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 2 Already exists

Option when purging messages also include child objects

When message purging occurs, only the top level object is deleted as part of regular data purging. This leaves child objects of the purged objects orphaned. There are ways to handle this in code, by overriding OnDelete, but it would be preferred t...
Lewis Houlden 22 days ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Ideas Contest

Prioritize search matches by title in documentation

The documentation searches are not prioritizing the matches by the title among all the matches when these matches are usually the best answer.
Luis Angel Pérez Ramos about 1 month ago in Documentation 0 Needs review

introduce microsoft one-drive inbound and outdbound adapters for Interoperability

Introduce an adapter that will allow to pull and push data into Microsoft One-drive resources: files, spreadsheets, Word
Evgeny Shvarov 4 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Community Opportunity