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Introduce YML support for IPM/ZPM module description

Currently IPM/ZPM is being described in module.xml files. Let's introduce YML support as well! It's more readable less wordy and easier to comprehend and maintain
Evgeny Shvarov about 19 hours ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest

Option when purging messages also include child objects

When message purging occurs, only the top level object is deleted as part of regular data purging. This leaves child objects of the purged objects orphaned. There are ways to handle this in code, by overriding OnDelete, but it would be preferred t...
Lewis Houlden 1 day ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest

allow easier consumption of structured Non-CDA documents

In some countries outside US, other than HL7 CDA standards are used to exchnage structured documents. Recently when using XDS Provide and Register Document Set transaction is used, it is hardcoded to consume only content of HL7 CDA documents. Anyt...
Daniel Kutac 1 day ago in InterSystems HealthShare 0 Ideas Contest

Add a debugger for Embedded Python in Visual Studio Code

Recently, Embedded Python was introduced as a programming language alongside ObjectScript. At the same time, the InterSystems Studio IDE has been deprecated for the newer and multilanguage Visual Studio Code (VSC), which is also equipped with a de...
Pietro Di Leo 12 days ago in InterSystems IRIS 4 Ideas Contest

Automated Schema Comparison and Synchronization

Problem : if we are maintaining the two separate instances for load balancer. we can't able to maintain the schema comparison and synchronization. it is possible by using git redeploy. but we need to redeploy the code. Proposal : instead we need t...
Veerarajan Karunanithi 4 days ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest

Add link to DTL Editor For Subtransforms

A fairly recent change was introduced where selecting a DTL from within the Rule Editor presented the user with a button to open the Data Transformation Builder Editor (DTL Editor) which took the user straight to the DTL. However, if you open a DT...
Julian Matthews 15 days ago in InterSystems Products 0 Ideas Contest

Time zone conversion

Problem : Convert time from one time zone to another time zone, every time need to use the python or .NET wrapper. Proposal : We need to write in build time conversion utility from one time zone to another time zone
Veerarajan Karunanithi 4 days ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest

Data cleansing tool kit

Problem : Data clean up is pretty hard job now a days. In healthcare, data quality is much important to derive the correct results. Proposal : In IRIS, we need to provide comprehensive toolkit for data cleansing to improve data quality
Veerarajan Karunanithi 4 days ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest

Querying from multiple IRIS instances

Problem : multiple IRIS instances store different type of data then it is not possible to use as a combine results Proposal : We need to provide utility to query the multiple IRIS instances data. Not required to write logic to establish the connec...
Veerarajan Karunanithi 4 days ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest

Automatic API documentation

Problem : API documentation we need to create manually every time Solution : We need to provide Automatic API documentation like swagger. It should automatically list out API's and request and responses possible with customization Benefits : rapid...
Veerarajan Karunanithi 4 days ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest