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Created by Pietro Di Leo
Created on Jun 13, 2024

Add a debugger for Embedded Python in Visual Studio Code

Recently, Embedded Python was introduced as a programming language alongside ObjectScript. At the same time, the InterSystems Studio IDE has been deprecated for the newer and multilanguage Visual Studio Code (VSC), which is also equipped with a debugger that permits developers to handle even the most complex Productions well.

Nonetheless, Embedded Python is not supported by the VSC debugger, whether it is used as a standalone language or in an hybrid method (the latter is a method that calls other methods written in ObjectScript or in Embedded Python).

In light of the above, the process of debugging Embedded Python methods today is challenging, as the debugger ignores Embedded Python lines, wasting a lot of the developers' time.

It would be a great addition if the debugger supported the Embedded Python language, allowing in a single VSC session to debug methods that call both Objectscript and Embedded Python functions. This could be obtained for example through a multi-language or multi-target debugger.

Even an early release of a debugger that only handles fully-Embedded Python methods would be nice (scheduling a future release of hybrid methods for another time).

I believe this solution could be incredibly helpful for all the developers, especially in the recent time where Python is used a lot for developing AI models and much more.

    Jun 19, 2024

    Thank you for submitting an idea for the Ideas contest. The status changed to "Ideas Contest".

    Please answer the experts' clarifying questions, if any, during the contest and voting period.

  • Admin
    Vadim Aniskin
    Jun 13, 2024

    Pietro thank you for your idea.

    It looks promising, but the first version of the idea is AI generated text. Ideas with AI generated text are not processed in the Ideas Portal. Please rewrite idea's text in your own words. Thank you!

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