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Develop a testing framework for InterSystems IRIS blockchain applications

The idea proposes to develop a testing framework for InterSystems IRIS blockchain applications that would make it easier to test the correctness and security of blockchain applications. This would be especially important for developers who are cre...
din ba 8 months ago in InterSystems Products 0 Community Opportunity

Add support for AI-powered test automation

This idea proposes to add support for AI-powered test automation to the InterSystems IRIS testing framework. This would allow developers to create tests that are more efficient and effective, and that can be used to test a wider range of scenarios...
din ba 8 months ago in Generative AI 2 Needs review

Intersystems IRIS on Cloud.

Provide Intersysems IRIS as serverless system. All IRIS engineer are liberated to everything related to server like setup, maintain... It need prepare server when started system with IRIS even if using container or install version, now. Server mai...
Yuji Ohata 8 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Planned or In Progress

Surface test coverage information in VS Code

Open Exchange already has a Test Coverage Tool. By presenting coverage information in classes etc in VS Code a developer would get more immediate feedback on which parts of their code isn't covered by unit tests. More comprehensive testing can lea...
John Murray 8 months ago in Other 1 Community Opportunity

Support for Liquibase

Liquibase ( is an open-source database schema change management solution which enables you to manage revisions of your database changes easily. Liquibase makes it easy for anyone involved in the application release proce...
Yuri Marx 8 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Done by Community

Make IRIS a part of Spring Cloud

Many companies use Spring Cloud today. With the advent of the full cloud era, hospitals inevitably need to span multiple independent but interdependent applications or partners, and the traditional single ESB platform that only gives SOA architect...
王喆 👀 8 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 7 Will not implement

Add like to quizes

I think it would be interesting to add "Like" feature to quizzes for members to show appreciation of the question. And when the quiz disappears send an automatic message to the creator of the question how many users liked their quiz question and h...
Iryna Mykhailova 9 months ago in Global Masters 0 Needs review

Energy Consumption Estimate Report Per Production / Business Component

Do you know how much energy a production or even an individual business component uses? I haven't got a clue If intersystems could build a front end report that estimated the energy usage of a production/component based on the number of messages p...
Rob Ellis 9 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Community Opportunity

Interoperability Adapter for Adabas

Many companies are looking for solve problems of interoperability with ADABAS database. So would be great have an ADABAS adapter to read, write, update and delete data from ADABAS files and databases
Yuri Marx 9 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Community Opportunity

Download the HL7v2 Browser Extension for Interface Analysts

The extension has a load of features that will save interface developers using HL7v2 time, allowing them to power down their devices just that little bit sooner at the end of their day and saving much electricity! For example: Skip The Message Sea...
Rob Ellis 9 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Already exists