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Interoperability Production: "Add a 'Type-to-Filter' ability in dropdown selections"

Our InterSystems HealthConnect Environment uses multiple namespaces and in those namespaces we have hundreds of components. It can be really tedious and slow to scroll though each drop down to select a component in a routing rule (targets or sourc...
Victoria Castillo 10 months ago in InterSystems HealthShare 1 Future consideration

add AI to Instance Monitor to prevent major incident

Add an AI trained within a period that does some stats on the instance and server and does a forecast or understand "unusual" load/growth/gloref and warns the customer and support
Pietro Montorfano 3 months ago in Generative AI 0 Community Opportunity

Implement shopping cart to get multiple prizes from Global Masters at one time

It's a bit annoying to fulfill the address data when you want to get more than one prize from the Global Masters. A shopping cart would be appreciated.
Luis Angel Pérez Ramos 3 months ago in Global Masters 1 Future consideration

Dynamic object for XML or XML to JSON string converter

A direct conversion XML->JSON (besides XML->object->JSON) would make some implementations way easier. Searching for information in JSON or Dynamic objects is way easier than in XML. I am developing an API that receives many different kind...
Heloisa Paiva 5 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 2 Community Opportunity

SQL Return ID

Add functionality to SQL to use RETURN on insert statements. To return the value of whichever field is specified after the insert. Can be useful when using SQL to insert records and you need the ID immediately without having to select it.
Stefan Cronje 5 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 4 Future consideration

Articles and answered questions recommendations

Articles and answered questions unread recommendations based on my "thumbs up" (Likes) and bookmarks
Henry Pereira over 1 year ago in Community 1 Will not implement

Create a UI for convenient and easy transfer of projects to other system instances for fast deployment.

Create a user interface for convenient and easy porting of projects (classes, globals, applications, users, roles, privileges, grants, namespace mapping, SQLgateway, libraries, web servers, certificates, products, business services, business proce...
Sergey Mikhailenko over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Done by Community

Vector Database Web Gateway offload encoding inbound and generative inference outbound

A scaled deployment of IRIS web application tends to have multiple web servers. These play well to load-balance traffic, providing good utilization on busy applications. Web Servers take over the checking and serving static of content, to let the ...
Alex Woodhead 5 months ago in Generative AI 3 Needs review

IRIS support for Amazon Linux

Amazon Linux is the default OS for virtual machine instances in AWS. While production customers will likely use and pay for RHEL, and Ubuntu is fully supported, Amazon Linux support should be straightforward, since it's based on RHEL. [ec2-user@...
Cliff Mason almost 2 years ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Needs review

testing dashboard for InterSystems IRIS

The idea proposes to create a testing dashboard for InterSystems IRIS that would provide a centralized view of all testing activity. This would make it easier for developers to track the progress of their tests, identify any test failures, and tak...
din ba 8 months ago in InterSystems Products 12 Community Opportunity