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A client to export codes from specified packages from IRIS/Cache

A code exporter is desired for these two reasons. 1 .Currently code backup functionality is almost non-existent. Backup via standard database backup is risky for the fear that code and data will be rolled back or forwarded simultaneously, which is...
聆严 周 over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Will not implement

Native RPC API for ObjectScript

We have a full featured API for access globals via ECP, but still have no "standard" way to do RPC. In Cache it was possible with %Net.RemoteConnection.cls. Having been removed from IRIS, this class is still not substituted with some clear API. By...
Alexey Maslov over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 2 Already exists

Business Operation Testing mode per namespace

While there are several different Testing options available, it would be nice at a system level if you wanted to just test Business Rules, Business Processes, and Data Transformations to have a way to change all Business Operations into a Testing ...
Scott Roth over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Needs review

Run Jasperreports from ObjectScript and IRIS Adapter

Allows to Objectscript set parameters and Run Jasperreports and create an interoperability Adapter to run Jasperreports
Yuri Marx over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 2 Done by Community

Class Documentation - Add Comments

Add an option to include tags for comments in a Class Definition, that will show up in the generated Class Documentation. E.g. <DESCRIPTION>, <AUTHOR>
Paul Hurley over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 2 Already exists

Introduce InterSystems IRIS support for Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow is an open-source data-pipelines orchestration and workflow management software built with python. It'd be great to introduce InterSystems IRIS operator to enable building Airflow orchestrations using InterSystems IRIS
Evgeny Shvarov 9 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Community Opportunity

Specific cache buffers per DB

Today, if we want to make sure a specific database is more in-memory than others, we can built is as a 16K or 32K block size (while all others are the default 8K block size) and then assign an amount of "cache buffers" to 16K block DBs. I would li...
Yaron Munz 9 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 4 Needs review

Errors monitoring with

It would be good to get support for or alternatives, for ObjectScript
Dmitry Maslennikov over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Community Opportunity

Add legitimate special symbol-separator for ObjectScript variable names

If I have a meaningful variable in languages like Python it is very convenient to use _ as a word separator. E.g. this_is_an_sql_that_causes_an_error="SELECT * FROM TABLE" in IRIS there are no special symbols allowed as separators. So the variable...
Evgeny Shvarov 10 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Will not implement

Community in numbers on a GEO Dashboard

The community page has a section community in numbers with total of members, likes, comments, views and posts. I would like to see these numbers represented by member/author country. So in a globe map I can see the numbers by country when hover th...
Yuri Marx 10 months ago in Community 2 Will not implement