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Through queuing theory and fuzzy logic: Optimization of patient queue management in hospitals using InterSystems IRIS

Description: I propose to develop a solution using InterSystems IRIS that optimizes the management of patient queues in hospitals, addressing the management of patient queues organized by rooms through queuing theory and fuzzy logic. The tool will...
Yone Moreno 7 months ago in InterSystems Products 0 Needs review

AI-Driven GreenIRIS: Optimization and Sustainability in InterSystems IRIS Solutions through Artificial Intelligence

Summary: The "IA-Driven GreenIRIS" proposal aims to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) from OpenAI to the InterSystems IRIS platform to achieve faster, safer and more sustainable solutions. Through the use of AI and machine learning techniques, i...
Yone Moreno 7 months ago in Generative AI 0 Needs review

Advanced real-time data processing optimization for InterSystems IRIS

In this Idea-A-Thon, I propose to develop innovative technology that enables advanced optimization of real-time data processing for InterSystems IRIS. The central idea is to implement a new hardware acceleration module based on FPGA (Field-Program...
Yone Moreno 7 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Needs review

Speech Recognition to Prepopulate Incoming Patient Data

By leveraging preexisting speech recognition technology (akin to ones used my other customer representative services), we can set up a similar system where ambulances can call a number to prepopulate patient data so that the hospital can be prepar...
Jayesh Gupta 7 months ago in Generative AI 3 Needs review

Provide a Supported Mechanism for Custom Captions for Business Host Properties

See the justification and workaround here: The workaround above has drawbacks, so a formal, ISC-supported mechnism for providing captions for custom properties would be a benefit.
Jeffrey Drumm 7 months ago in InterSystems IRIS for Health 0 Needs review

Tribute banner and interview for GM million pointers

Create tribute banner and an special interview for those who reach million or multiple millions points in GM (Robert with 2 million and Eduard with 1 million)
Yuri Marx 8 months ago in Global Masters 0 Needs review

Allow the Web Gateway Installer to map all requests (not only csp/cls/cxw).

When the Web Gateway Installer configures the Web Server (IIS, Apache, etc.) to direct requests to the InterSystems server, it does so only to certain URLs with a clear InterSystems-related request (e.g. *.csp or *.cls), thus allowing the Web Serv...
Tani Frankel 8 months ago in InterSystems Products 4 Needs review

List OEX business services, operations and processes on Interoperability wizards

Today only official business services, operations and processes are presented as options on Interoperability wizards, but could be great allows to the developer choose community adapters, business services, operations and processes from IPM registry
Yuri Marx 8 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 4 Needs review

Transient data

When modeling a new table or persistent class, allows to mark the table or persistent class as transient. The transient attribute will set how many time the data will exists in the database. Transient data is useful to persist temporal data, like ...
Yuri Marx 9 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 2 Needs review

Make Data Transformation UI guess about message types automatically

Once the idea about message types will be solved this could be the second phase where the UI can refer to this information and provide proper source and target message classes. Currently developer need to dig into the operation or service implemen...
Evgeny Shvarov 9 months ago in Generative AI / InterSystems IRIS 0 Needs review