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Categories InterSystems IRIS
Created by Evgeny Shvarov
Created on Jan 22, 2022

Examples to work with IRIS from Django

Django is a Python based web framework:

Need a series of examples on how to build solutions with IRIS

Connecting Django to IRIS requires writing a backend package for IRIS. The currently implemented backends can be found here:

There is a good high level overview of the requirements of this package in this video from 3:45 to about 17:00:

An important factor in determining scope is knowing how much code will have to be changed in the SQLCompiler. The base class is in a different package, django.db.models.sql, and the existing implementations have very little or no code in a compiler subclass. For a more complete example of possible changes necessary, look at the unofficial MSSQL backend implementation:

Using Embedded Python option should be logical to get benefits from client-side and IRIS side development

    Feb 22, 2023

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