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Status Needs review
Categories Documentation
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 22, 2022

Auto-login to restricted documentation (e.g., HealthShare) for orgs/users

Would be a big people pleaser (at least with my org) if each day we accessed HealthShare docs @ we didn't have to login yet again to access contextual help from the Management Portal.

How? (Just a thought off the cuff) Maybe using some of the new OAuth 2.0 Client capabilities in IRIS, it would be possible for an org to get a client ID/secret from the WRC Portal to setup an OAuth 2.0 Client in each of their instances so that when docs is accessed, a URL Parameter could pass in a value that permits the org to have unfettered access (no user login required) to the online documentation. This would still need to create a valid login cookie so if documentation is accessed directly (without clicking on Help within the Management Portal), the user wouldn't need to login at that point either.

Bonus: This OAuth 2.0 Client arrangement could then also be used to securely send data to WRC logs, etc since it would be able to speak 'on behalf' of the org (with appropriate controls of course.) Maybe even download desired kits to a defined filesystem folder. Possibilities are all there.

    Aug 15, 2022

    Thank you for submitting the idea. The status has been changed to "needs review".

    Stay tuned!