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Status Community Opportunity
Categories InterSystems IRIS
Created by Rodolfo Pscheidt
Created on Oct 4, 2022

Improve journal display in IRIS admin portal

When I delete a "global" and need to recover it, it's a lot of work to use the journal view page (System Operation > Journal Files). I have to click line by line and copy the content that was in the global, in addition to the message coming with "..." when the content is too large.

My suggestion is to create an option to select lines and export the contents of these lines to a file.

    Oct 28, 2022

    Thank you for submitting the idea. The status has been changed to "Community Opportunity".

    Stay tuned!

  • Yaron Munz
    Dec 29, 2022

    There is a ^JRNUTIL that you can create you own code to go over journal records and extract the data for a specific PID or global. Then you simply need to EXECUTE it with a SET