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Status Future consideration
Categories InterSystems IRIS
Created by Herman Slagman
Created on Mar 29, 2024

Private Variables

Provide variables that don't appear in the regular symbol table.

Example: Start a server process and provide a Private Key. As long as the process runs, its value is held in memory. We don't want anyone to snoop around the Management Portal or an Error Log to see the value of that Private Key.

    Apr 10, 2024

    Thank you for submitting the idea. The status has been changed to "Future consideration".

    Stay tuned!

  • Herman Slagman
    Apr 15, 2024

    Let me elaborate a little. When we first started with Cache beta, all object references were in the symbol table (if I remember well, something like %obj). If you issued a naked Kill, all objects were gone.
    Somehow, ISC managed to move them outside the regular symbol table. For these private (or hidden) variables, I suspect something similar could be achieved.

  • Julius Kavay
    Apr 11, 2024

    A good idea, but to avoid confusion (we already have 'private' variables - for example all the variables of a methd) instead of 'private variables' I would call them 'hidden variables' which in effect they should be.

  • Admin
    Raj Singh
    Apr 10, 2024

    Local variables can be used for this purpose.

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