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Status Ideas Contest
Categories InterSystems IRIS
Created by Alexey Maslov
Created on Jun 15, 2024

Distributed Work Manager

Imagine Distributed Work Manager (DWMgr) that can:

  • Call methods or $$-functions in background on any reachable IRIS server (e.g. on Asynchronous or Failover Mirror Member), so called target server,

    • pushing all necessary input data in local or global variables,

    • checking status and progress of such work items.

    • getting results from the work items, be it in local or global variables, in one of two different ways:

      • by checking execution status and getting the results explicitly,

      • by calling callback methods.

  • Manage the status of any configured target server:

    • get or set its status (online or offline)

    • evaluate its load by getting the execution queue length, etc.

Possible use cases of DWMgr can be:

  • Freeing resources of Primary database server by running reports and other resource consuming jobs on a target server

    • with full control on such a job and

    • getting their results into the primary database.

  • Querying remote servers that can respond with noticeable delays, so it's better to run such requests asynchronously.

    Jun 21, 2024

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