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InterSystems Ideas
We love hearing from our users. Tell us what you want to see next and upvote ideas from the community.
* Bugs and troubleshooting should as usual go through InterSystems support.

InterSystems Products

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Implement samples of $system.external interface (aka "InterSystems External Servers")

The new $system.external interface (aka "InterSystems External Servers") is used to call/integrate with external language code/libraries, it replace the old gateways (for example Java gateway) that required the import of proxy objects. For the old...
Enrico Parisi 8 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Implemented

Introduce WITH into IRIS SQL engine

Introduce the support of WITH functionality in IRIS SQL
Evgeny Shvarov over 2 years ago in InterSystems IRIS 4 Implemented

Intersystems EF Core Provider

Details Intersystems EF Core Provider
Evgeny Shvarov over 2 years ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Implemented

Implement support for FHIRPath Patch resources on InterSystems FHIR Server

InterSystems FHIR Server documentation states that currently only JSON Patch documents are supported. I propose to implement support for the FHIRPath Patch resources, in compliance with FHIR specification on RESTful APIs.
Maksym Shcherban 5 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 2 Implemented

Assert CodeAssist prompting

The Class %UnitTest.TestCase contains methods such as: AssertNotEqualsViaMacro It is suggested to use the Macros, instead of these methods directly. However when using either Studio or VisualStudio code there is no prompting for these UnitTest Ass...
Alex Woodhead over 1 year ago in InterSystems Products 5 Implemented