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Add history and aliases to the VS Code WebSocket Terminal

The vscode-objectscript extension supports a WebSocket-based terminal that's integrated with VS Code's Terminal UI. It has some key features that the standard IRIS terminal lacks, like syntax coloring and multi-line input. However, the standard IR...
Brett Saviano 2 days ago in InterSystems Resources for Developers 0 Ideas Contest

Add a debugger for Embedded Python in Visual Studio Code

Recently, Embedded Python was introduced as a programming language alongside ObjectScript. At the same time, the InterSystems Studio IDE has been deprecated for the newer and multilanguage Visual Studio Code (VSC), which is also equipped with a de...
Pietro Di Leo 6 days ago in InterSystems IRIS 4 Ideas Contest

Unity Catalog Integration

Data Governance and Cloud Interoperability for Data Platforms.
Ron Sweeney about 9 hours ago in Other 1 Clarification required

VSCode Delete Server Version of Source Code

When we delete a source code or rename the source code (routine or class), the old version still on the server, this cause a mess in server side with a lot of classes/routines that are not in use. Then when we delete or rename (I think this part i...
Cristiano Silva about 9 hours ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest

iristerminal connect securely with IRIS running on Linux hosts via SSH

Window's utility, iristerminal, can only connect to IRIS running on Linux hosts with telnet protocol. telnet is not considered secure as all communication is in plaintext. Most organisations do not permit the use of telnet on Linux hosts. Secure c...
Phillip Wu about 16 hours ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest

Update Message Viewer Search to automatically set the end time to current time at search initiation.

Currently when I run a search over an indexed value, if I use a blank end date/time or for an end date/time that is in the future, my search will take too long to return results and error as it appears to be searching of messages that are coming i...
Victoria Castillo 1 day ago in InterSystems Products 0 Ideas Contest

Open delegate ruleset

We regularly use delegates as a way of separating our rules and version controlling them. We currently cannot jump directly to the delegate ruleset. The quickest way we have found is copying and adjusting the URL.
Lewis Houlden 1 day ago in InterSystems HealthShare 0 Ideas Contest

Distributed Work Manager

Imagine Distributed Work Manager (DWMgr) that can: Call methods or $$-functions in background on any reachable IRIS server (e.g. on Asynchronous or Failover Mirror Member), so called target server, pushing them all necessary input data in local or...
Alexey Maslov 4 days ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest

Add link to DTL Editor For Subtransforms

A fairly recent change was introduced where selecting a DTL from within the Rule Editor presented the user with a button to open the Data Transformation Builder Editor (DTL Editor) which took the user straight to the DTL. However, if you open a DT...
Julian Matthews 9 days ago in InterSystems Products 0 Ideas Contest

Add shorthand options like "N" & "T-2" to represent date/timestamps in Message Viewer Search fields.

When searching over messages using message viewer, instead of having to manually enter the exact date/time of the start & end time, I would like to be able to use a shorthand that would theoretically update as I reuse the search. For example: ...
Victoria Castillo 8 days ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Ideas Contest