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change data chapture

CDC is a necessity today. But with Cache/IRIS, it is not possible. There is a heck to do this, by using the dejournal filter, but it only produces inforation at the global variable level. SQL table inforation is lost. It would be nice if a standar...
聆严 周 over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Will not implement

A client to export codes from specified packages from IRIS/Cache

A code exporter is desired for these two reasons. 1 .Currently code backup functionality is almost non-existent. Backup via standard database backup is risky for the fear that code and data will be rolled back or forwarded simultaneously, which is...
聆严 周 over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Will not implement

YCSB Benchmark

Make a public configuration and setup for YCSB testing.
Evgeny Shvarov about 2 years ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Will not implement

Data migration tool from DB2 to IRIS

Data migration tool from DB2 to IRIS
Evgeny Shvarov about 2 years ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Will not implement

Create a celery for InterSystems

Celery is delicious
Mike Cromwell 3 months ago in Generative AI 2 Will not implement

Implement support status for OEX packages

Description I suggest having 3 visible levels of maintenance for OEX packagesand get a better overview of the actual 850 packages in OEX. #1) Support guaranteed by ISC this applies to importantpackages and provides regular review of PR and issuesa...
Robert Cemper 4 months ago in Open Exchange 1 Will not implement

Use browser engine

Integrate some browser engine like chromium so that we can use tools like Selenium, Cypress, to perform tests.
André Dienes Friedrich 5 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 4 Will not implement

Slides as a new type of content on DC

DC supports comments, questions, announcements and articles, but powerpoint slides as a new content type will be great, because there are many content about intersystems in powerpoint slides. The experience could be like slideshare (https://slides...
Yuri Marx 6 months ago in Community 3 Will not implement

InterSystems Reports Scheduling

We have a number of Reports we provide to our end users, so which are scheduled via an IRIS Task Manager InterSystems report print task, It would be great for some investment to be made into the next release of Logi Reports to become Mirror aware ...
Tom Cross 7 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Will not implement

REST API Operation Tutorial

I am struggling with trying to understand on how to call a REST API and return the result in JSON format from a REST API externally. Reading over the documentation and learning, there is a lot of information about creating a REST Client, but nothi...
Scott Roth 7 months ago in Learning 2 Will not implement