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Using OpenSSH Key for Authentication in IRIS on System based accounts

For internal IRIS accounts like Admin, _system, etc... could we incorporate so mechanism to use encryption keys for Authentication instead of using passwords. We have written a couple of shell scripts that login via Terminal and execute EnableConf...
Scott Roth 2 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Needs review

Intersystems EF Core Provider

Details Intersystems EF Core Provider
Evgeny Shvarov almost 2 years ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Needs review

Provide a Supported Mechanism for Custom Captions for Business Host Properties

See the justification and workaround here: The workaround above has drawbacks, so a formal, ISC-supported mechnism for providing captions for custom properties would be a benefit.
Jeffrey Drumm 4 months ago in InterSystems IRIS for Health 0 Needs review

Tribute banner and interview for GM million pointers

Create tribute banner and an special interview for those who reach million or multiple millions points in GM (Robert with 2 million and Eduard with 1 million)
Yuri Marx 5 months ago in Global Masters 0 Needs review

Expose Global Masters Badges

A possibility to show to the world my achievements on Developer Communit.i.e. Add global masters badge to github profile
Henry Pereira about 1 year ago in Global Masters 0 Needs review

IRIS support for Amazon Linux

Amazon Linux is the default OS for virtual machine instances in AWS. While production customers will likely use and pay for RHEL, and Ubuntu is fully supported, Amazon Linux support should be straightforward, since it's based on RHEL. [ec2-user@...
Cliff Mason over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Needs review

Transient data

When modeling a new table or persistent class, allows to mark the table or persistent class as transient. The transient attribute will set how many time the data will exists in the database. Transient data is useful to persist temporal data, like ...
Yuri Marx 6 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Needs review

Iterative build of TrakCare configuration/code tables utilising FHIR and HL7 Messaging.

As we go through Discovery have a live feed from the current customer system into TrakCare that is iteratively building the code tables with the information in the messages i.e. outpatient clinic, wards, beds, rooms, specialties, locations. This w...
Linda McKay 9 months ago in InterSystems TrakCare 0 Needs review

Cross-production Interoperability Messages, Service and Operation

With the "ripping the monolith apart" movement towards micro-services, it is quite a tedious process to break up existing productions with 100+ business hosts. The suggestion is that moving BP and operations into other productions should be made s...
Stefan Cronje 10 months ago in InterSystems Products 0 Needs review

Better handle whitespace in Management Portal Text entry

Consider the following scenarios: 1. Copying and pasting unwanted whitespace charaters from an Excel Worksheet into Integration Lookup table Keys or Values. Actual Impact: Caused a difficult to discover unwanted difference in behaviour that delaye...
Alex Woodhead about 1 year ago in InterSystems Products 0 Needs review