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Status Needs review
Categories InterSystems IRIS
Created by Nelson Tarr
Created on Aug 1, 2023

Optional "Green Mode" Configuration Setting for IRIS

Much like how cars often have a "Eco" driving mode, create an optional mode for using IRIS in a greener manner.

If a user of IRIS wants to prioritize reducing their carbon footprint over performance, they should be able to do so. It's possible advanced settings may apply, but at a minimum there could an enable/disable setting for this mode.

When "Green Mode" is enabled, certain changes would occur automatically. Examples might include less logging and other cases where storage footprint can be reduced. Reducing storage requirements might not necessarily result in overall speed improvements, but can greatly reduce carbon footprint. Additional storage as well as additional backup requirements have a large impact.

On every environment, there is a relative carbon cost to processor operations versus working memory operations versus hard drive operations. Optimizing to reduce processing steps might actually increase RAM usage, and vice versa. The carbon cost of processing is different from the carbon cost of RAM operations, which is different from drive storage operations. "Green Mode" could take this into account and optimize for the lowest total carbon cost.

Network traffic (both within the IRIS system and external to the IRIS system) should be considered by "Green Mode". Reducing network traffic reduces carbon cost. This can mean fewer API's calls; it can also mean lighter-weight calls with reduced payloads.

Scheduled system tasks may be altered to run less frequently in "Green Mode".

Finally, we typically optimize IRIS primarily for speed. A user that cares more about carbon footprint may prefer to run with certain high carbon cost optimization if those can be identified.

    Sep 25, 2023

    Thank you for submitting the idea. The status has been changed to "Needs review".

    Stay tuned!