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Status Done by Community
Categories InterSystems IRIS
Created by Yuri Marx
Created on Aug 9, 2023

Support for Liquibase

Liquibase ( is an open-source database schema change management solution which enables you to manage revisions of your database changes easily. Liquibase makes it easy for anyone involved in the application release process to:

  • Eliminate errors and delays when releasing databases.

  • Deploy and roll back changes for specific versions without needing to know what has already been deployed.

  • Deploy database and application changes together so they always stay in sync.

Liquibase supports more than 50 databases products at this moment, but not supports InterSystems IRIS database.

This idea is Liquibase to support InterSystems IRIS by adding all source necessary to allows it on liquibase repository (merge request). It is not a complex task, because is necessary creating a new class from AbstractJDBCDatabase with IRIS dialect details (like hibernate dialect).


1 - It will improve devops/dataops scripts that are using IRIS as database for automate database creation (migration script) and automate database changes (create, drop, insert, and other ddl/dml scripts), reducing workdays for development, testing and deployment. (this idea is a-thon).

2 - Liquibase is the most popular devops/dataops tool for databases and IRIS is not supported yet.

More details about adding support for new databases on liquibase:

    Sep 12, 2023

    Thank you for submitting the idea.

    This idea was implemented by Developer Community member(s). Please check the solution in the comments.