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Edit books : InterSystems IRIS for Dummies

In order to help the dissemination of InterSystems technologies, create, alongside documentation, supports in the vein of "... for dummies ". Examples : Health Data Orchestration for dummies Analytics for dummies Machine Learning for dummies Busin...
Sylvain Guilbaud about 2 months ago in InterSystems Products 1 Community Opportunity

Add support for Markdown in class documentation

Allow for Markdown to be used in class documentation for easier formatting. This includes the Class Reference Page that should support it, as well as the documentation preview in VS Code.
Stefan Cronje 3 months ago in InterSystems Products 1 Community Opportunity

ODBC connection to IRIS Cloud SQL to work from PowerBI and Apache Superset

Setting up an ODBC connection to IRIS Cloud SQL so that you can work from PowerBI and Apache Superset. Connection requires certificates, that's why detailed guide is needed.
Vadim Aniskin 16 days ago in InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL 1 Community Opportunity

GUI for Vector DB Management

While using InterSystems IRIS as a vector first DB, its harder to keep track on the raw information thats been embedded. Though the easier way is to save plain text info also into the DB, it adds load for the higher volume ones and hinders the per...
Ikram Shah about 1 month ago in Generative AI 0 Community Opportunity

Code snippets library

The Studio has a tab where you can add code snippets on your local machine (with a very small amount of code snippets already present). It would be nice to build a library of code snippets on the community site to perform a variety of tasks like u...
Danny Wijnschenk over 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 14 Community Opportunity

introduce microsoft one-drive inbound and outdbound adapters for Interoperability

Introduce an adapter that will allow to pull and push data into Microsoft One-drive resources: files, spreadsheets, Word
Evgeny Shvarov 3 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Community Opportunity

SharePoint File Service and Operation

Like File en FTP service + operation SharePoint has become a very common file storage location. Yes, we can make our own REST implementation but I feel this feature should be an IRIS standard feature.
Ties Voskamp 9 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Community Opportunity

Train a Large Language Model for a Development AI like GitHub Copilot on ISC

Train an AI coding assistant like GitHub Copilot on Intersystems documentation, class Reference, Community Content and Learning Center content for ObjectScript, CSP, DTL, BPL, rulesets, etc. If it can be done on an existing assistant like Copilot ...
Stefan Cronje 6 months ago in Generative AI 1 Community Opportunity

Load Datasets from Hugging Face into IRIS

Hugging Face is one of the most popular AI models community. It also has a lot of datasets. It'd be great to add a one-click/one-line-of-code way to import huggingface data into IRIS
Evgeny Shvarov 3 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Community Opportunity

Create real world application by using IRIS and python Streamlit web framework

Streamlit is an open-source app framework for Machine Learning and Data Science apps. We should have real-world application or startup template by using Streamlit and IRIS The idea fits the contest in the way that "Pytho...
Muhammad Waseem 10 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 2 Community Opportunity