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AI-Driven GreenIRIS: Optimization and Sustainability in InterSystems IRIS Solutions through Artificial Intelligence

Summary: The "IA-Driven GreenIRIS" proposal aims to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) from OpenAI to the InterSystems IRIS platform to achieve faster, safer and more sustainable solutions. Through the use of AI and machine learning techniques, i...
Yone Moreno 4 months ago in Generative AI 0 Needs review

Speech Recognition to Prepopulate Incoming Patient Data

By leveraging preexisting speech recognition technology (akin to ones used my other customer representative services), we can set up a similar system where ambulances can call a number to prepopulate patient data so that the hospital can be prepar...
Jayesh Gupta 4 months ago in Generative AI 3 Needs review

Health Equity Analyzer

A dashboard or user portal that empowers people to identify and then act on under served communities with regards to healthcare. The tool would analyze and present populations that would benefit from health education and outreach programs to help ...
Guest about 2 years ago in InterSystems TrakCare 4 Community Opportunity

Fold code on loops and If's on studio

There's a tiny box before every "ClassMethod" line that folds the entire method so that only the signature of the method shows. I would like to have that same feature for other code blocks, such as loops and If's
Heloisa Paiva 9 months ago in InterSystems Products 1 Already exists

Import classes with ES6 syntax

Being able to import classes into another class for example using ES6 syntax, this way you could reduce the use of ##class(Sample). throughout the document when it is needed repeatedly in more than one place. A possible example would be to be a...
Joan Pérez 5 months ago in InterSystems IRIS 0 Future consideration

Add IRIS as a supported database for Apache Superset

Superset has been mentioned in Thoughtworks Technology Radar 27: I think IRIS should be in the list of supperted databases
Herman Slagman about 1 year ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Done by Community

AI Enabled Indexes

AI Solution for Indexing: analyze queries being used and make indexing using it. Here are some ideas on indexing. PGM Indexes: Learned indexes that match B-tree performance with 83x less space .
Evgeny Shvarov almost 2 years ago in InterSystems IRIS 3 Will not implement

Examples to work with IRIS from Django

Django is a Python based web framework: Need a series of examples on how to build solutions with IRIS Connecting Django to IRIS requires writing a backend package for IRIS. The currently implemented backends can be f...
Evgeny Shvarov almost 2 years ago in InterSystems IRIS 6 Done by Community

Chatbots solution for InterSystems Data Platforms

Make an installable module that will bring chatbot functionality to an arbitrary IRIS based solution
Evgeny Shvarov almost 2 years ago in InterSystems IRIS 1 Done by Community

For community articles, let admins (and possibly article authors) pin particular comments to the top

Sometimes, particular comments on a DC article offer crucial insight that people should. Allowing authors or DC admins to be able to pin this to be the first comment after the article (or perhaps even above it?) so that they make sure that people ...
Jonathan Sue-Ho about 1 year ago in Community 1 Future consideration