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Categories Documentation
Created by Scott Roth
Created on Oct 12, 2022

Add basic tutorial of Docker or point to a Docker tutorial in Documentation

I do not know about others, but Docker and the intro of Docker was not a forte of mine coming into trying out new components of InterSystems IRIS. We are moving to IRIS and with that we want to incorporate into our upgrade. I have been struggling with trying to understand Docker. I know it is not an InterSystems product but the assumption that everyone knows Docker and is using Docker has caused me a great deal of time. So a suggestion would be to include some kind of link to an outside tutorial for Docker.

    Feb 22, 2023

    Thank you for posting the idea. According to information from experts, this functionality already exists.

  • Admin
    Raj Singh
    Jan 12, 2023

    Hi Scott. I think we have decent coverage on this topic. The best resource from InterSystems is probably the online learning resource, Deploying InterSystems IRIS in Containers and the Cloud.

    Additionally, these two documentation pages link to :

    Have you gone through these? If not, how could we make them easier to find?

  • Dmitry Maslennikov
    Oct 27, 2022

    looks a bit strange to ask for a tutorial of the third-party tool, why would not include Microsoft Windows Server documentation? Docker's community may help with it, much more.

  • Robert Cemper
    Oct 13, 2022

    I share your suggestion!

    When I started with Docker I was highly skeptical after many years with VMware starting before their first release.
    It was a hard exercise and I took quite a while digging through docs and helps.
    My main problem was that everything was so generic and not at all specific to IRIS (or Caché).

    Meanwhile, it became so common to me that I stopped running reviews on packages without docker.
    Docker allowed me to have a "clean desk" after testing.
    In addition. I saw through this activity so many valid variations that
    I doubt to decide how to start and where.
    On the other hand, I see in OEX ~450 tested and working examples (a dozen PR still pending)
    Following these examples and trying to understand what will be achieved
    could be good food for training designers.