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Status Future consideration
Created by Ikram Shah
Created on Jun 19, 2023

Custom Visualizations for Physicians

Enable physicians to track specific health data using charts and graphs. Physicians can easily monitor trends and make informed clinical decisions.

    Sep 11, 2023

    Thank you for submitting the idea. The status has been changed to "Future consideration".

    Stay tuned!

  • Ikram Shah
    Jul 8, 2023

    @Vadim - Thanks for the detailed feedback. I've gone through the resources that you've shared. In short, my idea was aligned around building a method where physicians can ask for charts/graphs on any FHIR data individually or combined from different sources, in a natural language way, something as shown here

    For example, if a physician wants to know how the blood pressure varied in the past 1 month. instead of them going through multiple clicks to see that observation information visualized in chart format, they may ask for it in natural language, and the system can generate a graph along with source info from FHIR.

    I was thinking more from the user experience on viewing graphs that can be enabled using evolving generative AI with HealthCare data. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

  • Admin
    Vadim Aniskin
    Jul 4, 2023

    Hi Ikram! Could you please explain what barriers physicians now have to tracking health data when using InterSystems IRIS for Health?

    IRIS is a data platform, so developers can create analytical charts and graphs using embedded Analytics. On the other hand, IRIS is not an off-the-shelf application for physicians.

    InterSystems has another solution, Healthcare Information System called InterSystems TrakCare, which has a lot of charts and graphs for clinicians. TrakCare is used on the level of hospital or hospital chain.

    Another solution is InterSystems HealthShare for regional IEHR solutions, which has a lot of charts and graphs for the analysis of healthcare information on a regional level, which can also be useful for physicians.

    Both of these solutions are developed based on InterSystems IRIS for Health. So, in case a hospital or regional health authority needs ready HIS or IEHR solution they can buy these products. Or it can use InterSystems IRIS for Health to develop analytics based on charts and graphs. Analytical solutions for physicians can be developed by it-experts (IT department of hospital, InterSystems Solution Partners, Independent Developers) and provide physicians charts and graphs based on data stored in IRIS.

    It's my understanding based on my knowledge and experience, and now I don't understand what exactly you expect from the implementation of your idea. Please explain a little bit more to help me to promote your idea. Thank you for your answer.

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