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Created by 王喆 👀
Created on Aug 9, 2023

Make IRIS a part of Spring Cloud

Many companies use Spring Cloud today. With the advent of the full cloud era, hospitals inevitably need to span multiple independent but interdependent applications or partners, and the traditional single ESB platform that only gives SOA architecture can no longer fully meet the needs of this hybrid integration. What we need is a set of iPaaS hybrid integration platform with core functions such as API gateway, ESB orchestration, ETL data fusion, system linker, automated testing, intelligent identification, monitoring center and so on. If IRIS can be completed first, it will definitely simplify and optimize a lot of development processes, and currently IRIS only solves basic functions such as data fusion and protocol conversion. If the API gateway is responsible for API routing and transparent transmission, the ESB bus platform is responsible for connecting various business systems with API as the center, and carrying out data push, pull, transaction control, abnormal data alarm, etc. Help enterprises go to the cloud。

Explanation why this idea fits the Idea-A-Thon topic:

Becoming a part of SpringCloud, first of all with SpringCloud can definitely make development faster, faster iteration, reduce the development, testing, implementation, user training days; Secondly, some things that IRIS is not good at can be done with SpringCloud to improve the performance of the solution. If you go to the cloud, the hardware resources required for implementation will definitely be reduced

    Nov 29, 2023

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