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Status Needs review
Categories InterSystems IRIS
Created by Alex Woodhead
Created on Aug 1, 2023

AntiMatter Code accelerator

SQL Engines employ "query rewrite" to effect a more efficient query to supplement user expertise or application knowledge.

Can Mac / Int code generated by Classes be accelerated in a similar way?

Beyond locating inefficient and discouraged code anti-patterns influenced by documented guidance, the idea here is to implement a Mac / Int code rewriter for a FULL "read-ahead" of Mac / Int code base to identify implementation optimizations that can be substituted to accelerate existing int code compiled to obj code.

Speculating some ideas to demonstrate principle:

  • Replacing once set variable with literal ( as if had been a macro substitution )

  • In-lining to avoid method call eg: within a loop

  • Pre-calculate static numeric

  • Pre_concatenate strings

  • Switch to naked-global syntax when useful

  • Substitute more efficient commands or expressions

  • Drop unreachable code / code blocks ( when procedure block = 1)

  • Flatten unnecessary code structure

  • Internal and private Variable / Method shortened / obfuscated

  • Assist code automation goals like rewriting for code generator emitted output to be more efficient


  • Can improve existing code bases by recompilation

  • Potential smaller code footprint for routine memory cache

  • Faster code execution

  • Faster generated code ( code generator methods, DTL , BPL, Rules )

    Sep 25, 2023

    Thank you for submitting the idea. The status has been changed to "Needs review".

    Stay tuned!