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Status Planned or In Progress
Created by Alex Woodhead
Created on Oct 4, 2022

Better handle whitespace in Management Portal Text entry

Consider the following scenarios:

1. Copying and pasting unwanted whitespace charaters from an Excel Worksheet into Integration Lookup table Keys or Values.

Actual Impact: Caused a difficult to discover unwanted difference in behaviour that delayed testing with knock on effect to tester availability.

2. Pasting a RuleSet condition expression with a trailing hidden newline from notepad, document, wiki or email.

Actual Impact: Broke the ruleset and failed Routing Rule save and compilation. Reduced confidence of end customer to take responsibility for managing Routing Rules.

3. Copying a Virtual IP from Word document to Mirror Configuration.

Actual Impact: This caused delays during Disaster Recovery process testing and accreditation.

My recomendation is for an improvement program throughout the whole Systems Management Portal and Integration Portal to improve the experience of text input fields. What: Automate the truncating of unwanted leading and trailing whitespace content.

This simple change will confer greater confidence in the delegation of integration behaviour modifications and also Disaster Recovery processes for their respective customer support teams.

    May 24, 2024

    Thank you for submitting the idea. The status has been changed to "Planned or In Progress".

    This is not a commitment; plans are subject to change. Stay tuned!